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Certified Personalities

Certified Personalities

April 22, 2019

This week we watched IU's indie/art house anthology series: Persona and dive into our feelings about each of the shorts. We also play a BTS-themed game because of course we would.

The times we talk about each of the parts are in the time codes below, but we do discuss some of the others within each of those. If you are really trying to avoid spoilers beware.

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Time Codes

:00 Intro/what we’re watching

19:11 BTS game

28:04 Persona talk

29:13 Love Shot

32:29 The Collector

40:11 Kiss Burn

45:11 Walking at Night

52:22 Wrap up randomness

Certified March Madness

Certified March Madness

April 19, 2019

Welcome to the special episode of the Certified Noonas where we discuss our First Annual Certified March Madness!

We talk about how we felt the game went, some of the surprises that came along the way, and what you all have been waiting for: our stories involving the winners.

Thanks to all who participated! We actually had a lot of fun and learned some things that will help us the next time we do something like this.

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Time Codes:

:00 How we felt/general insights

16:09 Drama intro

16:54 Natalia's drama pitch

18:27 Amanda's drama pitch

19:58 Jessie's drama pitch

23:11 Sky's drama pitch

25:07 Ending wrap up

Certified Hit and Run

Certified Hit and Run

April 15, 2019

In this episode we discuss the Korean movie Hit and Run Squad, that was released at the beginning of this year that made it's way to Viki.

This is a spoiler-filled episode, so beware!

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Certified Incomplete

Certified Incomplete

April 8, 2019

In honor of Im Siwan's return to civilian life, we watched the first episode of the kdrama Misaeng (also know as Incomplete Life). We also play a fun Madlibs game and talk about what we're watching and what shows we're looking forward to.

We only spoil the first episode of the show, and discuss a few slight things that happen in some of the later episodes, but it really isn't much and doesn't ruin anything. There is a small Touch Your Heart spoiler, and we did discuss the meaning behind the name Misaeng which is found out later in the series. Times for these spoilers are down in the time codes section.

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Just as an aside, I tried to get rid of as much of the background typing noise as possible but alas it is still there. Just think of it as ambient background sound that was intentional and on theme for the episode? ;)

Time Codes

:00 What we're watching

2:35- 4:40 Touch Your Heart spoiler

33:36 Misaeng intro

36:29 Madlibs game

45:27 Back to Misaeng

1:01:40 - 1:03:32 Title Meaning

Certified Music: 2NE1

Certified Music: 2NE1

April 1, 2019

This week we talk about the kpop girl group 2NE1, which spurs a discussion about the lack of girl groups in kpop that aren't close to 2NE1 and why that might be.

You can find a YouTube playlist with the videos that we talk about in this episode (that I could find) plus some other videos that you should check out here.

We also have a Spotify playlist that you can listen to here.

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Time Codes

:00 What listening to

7:44 Sky’s concert experience

14:39 2NE1 favorites discussion

19:25 Why no 2NE1 groups

37:28 Missing 2NE1

43:09 More YG hatred

48:36 2NE1 wrap-up

49:02 Music looking forward to/final random thoughts

Certified Superpowered

Certified Superpowered

March 25, 2019

This week we watched Psychokinesis, a movie that led to us also talking about Train to I guess that makes this an unintended double feature week?

We also play a fun superpower game and talk about a little March Madness goodie that we have in the works. Keep up to date by following our Twitter @CertifiedNoonas to know all the details!

We talk extensively about Psychokinesis with no regard to spoilers, and although we start our talk about Train to Busan early on the real spoilers are listed below.

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Time Codes

:00 What we’re watching

16:47 Game

32:37 Psychokinesis talk

59:04 Train to Busan real spoilers

1:08:27 March Madness announcement

Certified Questions & Answers

Certified Questions & Answers

March 18, 2019

As a thank you for listening to us (you like us, you really like us!) we answered some of your burning questions. Grab your drink of choice and sit back and listen to us talk a lot, because that is what we are superb at.

We also watched the first couple episodes of the kdrama A Thousand Kisses, a family drama that we chose because it was the only drama with "thousand" in the title we could find legally. We like themes, ok?

Note: we talk about a number of dramas in this episode, but we make a point of only noting spoilers if they refer to a recent show. 

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Time Codes:

:00 Some housekeeping/general announcement

1:18 What we’re watching

11:41 Q&A

1:16:48 A Thousand Kisses discussion

Certif-Eyed Golden

Certif-Eyed Golden

March 11, 2019

This week we discuss the first two episodes of Lay (from EXO)'s new Chinese drama: The Golden Eyes. We also recast Indiana Jones with some Korean actors/actresses and talk about what we're watching and looking forward to.

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Time Codes:

2:26 What we’re watching

19:48 Game

33:38 Discussion

1:02:50 What’s coming/general chat

Certified Music: 2PM

Certified Music: 2PM

March 4, 2019

It’s our semi-unhelpful-but-hopefully-fun guide to one of Jessie’s favorite groups: 2PM!

We play some games, talk about the guys and some of their variety/drama appearances, and discuss our thoughts on their music. We also dive a little deep into some kpop news that came out recently that we felt we needed to discuss.

Check out this YouTube playlist to watch some of the videos mentioned in the episode. We also put together a playlist on Spotify of our favorite songs.

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*We try to be spoiler free here, but do talk about a wide variety of dramas from time to time naturally during our discussions. We limit our reveals to things found out in the first couple of episodes of the show before there is a spoiler warning.

Time Codes

:00 Intro/What we Are Listening To
4:27 Concert Tickets
13:56 Game/Intro to 2PM
23:50 2PM General Talk
53:26 Thoughts on Produce 101 Contract
1:03:09 Kiddnation Radio

Certified Zen Feelings

Certified Zen Feelings

February 25, 2019

You know those shows that just make all the cares in the world go away because nothing is at stake? This week we talk about some of our favorite variety shows that evoke that feeling: Hyori's Homestay, Coffee Friends, It's Dangerous Beyond the Sheets, and Little House in the Woods.

Note: while it's not particularly a spoiler, we did spend some time talking about 100 Days My Prince during our "What We're Watching" section, and so I added it the time code if you want to skip. But you probably shouldn't. Cause we're funny.

Also, Natalia has been on fire with her merch game. Check out her store and pick up some really great kdrama/kpop related goods.

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Time Codes

00:00 Intro/What We're Watching

11:22 100 Days My Prince (kinda spoilers)

18:18 Back to What We're Watching

25:29 Game

34:24 Zen Variety Discussion

1:09:29 Closing